Thursday, August 21, 2014

Join the Our Lady of Sorrows Choir!

Think about joining the Our Lady of Sorrows 9:30am Parish Choir. We are a great group of people who come together to aid the congregation in worshiping God through glorious song/chant. All are welcome to join, as long as you have a modest voice, good attitude, and are willing to come to practice and learn. Claiming that you can't sing is no excuse. That was my excuse over two years ago. Was I wrong! Through coming to practice, and following along with others, I was able to reach my vocal potential and learn a lot about music. Besides...a high ceiling covereth a multitude of sins! Our dear choir is only half as large as it should be (considering the size of the church). We are in need of all voices, but especially tenors and basses. Practice resumes Thursday, September 7th, at 7:00pm in the choir room. Give it a try Sodality! Then you will be able to sing/chant better when we start our monthly Holy Mass again. God Bless, -Sean

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