Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Types of Catholic Nerds

I recently came across a blog post at Catholic Cravings about the seven types of Catholic nerds. Some of our members may recognize themselves in the descriptions. Be sure to go to the full article to read all the hilarious descriptions, but here's the highlights:

1. Apologetitechie: "A Catholic Nerd who is convinced he can convert the world via twitter."

2. Bibliobrain: "Had an intense interest in biblical languages, philosophies of translations, and discussing autographs"

3. Converty Pants: "A recent Catholic convert and nerd who feels the overwhelming need to tell everyone their life story and how AMAZING but also HARD their conversion has been."

4. Dominiac: "May display many or all the qualities of other subspecies but sublimates it all to the Dominican charism of being right about everything."

5. Liturgeek: "Catholic Nerd preoccupied with the liturgy."

6. Theonerd: "The most generic of all Catholic nerds, taking theological nerdiness to deeply discomforting levels."

7. ToBsessive: "Catholic Nerd obsessed with the Theology of the Body, or ToB."

I was quite pleased that Michael thought of me when he read the description for Dominiac. Maybe someday I'll make it official and become a Lay Dominican. A few other types of nerds were suggested in the comments to the original post, including a type for Charismatic Catholics (the term Charismaniac was suggested), and a type for Franciscans and possibly other orders. Skylar also thought there should be a type for Catholics who nerdily study papal history (I believe he suggested the term pontifigeek?)

Anyway, I think I have a new motto: "Don’t Google it, SUMMA IT!"

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  1. Certainly papal history is an important part of being a pontifigeek, but most of us also have an interest in contemporary matters; whether comparing the leadership styles of various bishops and cardinals, or analyzing the myriad offices in the Vatican bureaucracy, especially the Congregations.